The Committee to Commemorate John Wilson includes Brookline people of diverse backgrounds united in their desire to raise awareness of this great artist, to celebrate his life and to honor Dr. King. We believe that when we see the world through the eyes of our neighbor, we can truly understand and respect each other.

Jenny Amory
Lucy Aptekar
Barbara Brown
Malcolm Cawthorne
John Christian
Lesley Christian
Jack Curtis
Rob Daves
Murray Dewart
Mary Dewart
Amy Emmert
Lloyd Gellineau
Lynette Glover
Michael Glover
Mark Gray
Bernard Greene
Skip Griffin
Chobee Hoy
Jeff Mello
Bernard Pendleton
Colette Phillips
Lauren Riviello
Charles Terrell
Carol Troyen Lohe
Anne Turner
Thomas Vitolo

Advisors to Committee
Julie Wilson
Erica Wilson
Martha Richardson

For more information contact
Rob Daves at robdaves@rcn.com
Mac Dewart at murraydewart@gmail.com